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Try, do not resist: -50% discount on Hennessy cognacs

Try Hennessy cognacs at Goodman steak house, which are recognized by the world as an example to be followed. We offer you to enjoy the perfect palette of taste and aroma at half price! Come to us and order Hennessy V.S., V.S.O.P. or X.O. Perhaps this perfect taste is exactly what you need to make your life perfect.

Cognac Hennessy is such a wonderful digestif. Order it after a good dinner, filled with delicious dishes and lively conversations. A glass of cognac will help you organize your pleasant memories and relax.

If you don’t feel like waiting for the end of the meal, we could change the game rules. At Goodman, we will gladly serve Hennessy while you’re eating. This cognac goes well with products that have a delicate taste. Therefore, combine Hennessy cognacs with pastes, white meat, fish and seafood to feel properly all the shades of their taste.

We recommend Hennessy to anyone who values ​​quality and tradition. All circumstances indicate that it is time to fall in love with the complex, but understandable taste of French cognacs, and find something personal in them.

The 50% discount is already yours. Book a table at Goodman to use it.