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Special Meetings at Goodman VIP Lounge

We offer to order a separate VIP-room in Goodman steakhouse for a private meeting being away from the prying eyes. Enjoy communication with your loved ones, solve business issues and be sure: no one will bother you in the VIP lounge.

Book a lounge if you plan to meet up with business partners, for a private party with close friends, or a family evening.Here nothing and no one will disturb you during important conversations.

The VIP lounge is decorated in the traditional style of an American steakhouse. This is the perfect place where you could make your meeting more personal, but at the same time stay to feel the mood in the restaurant. There are classic decor, dark wooden furniture and warm lighting to make a lounge more cozy and comfortable. The desighn helps to set you and your guests in a good mood and increase the pleasure of the best steaks in the city.

Goodman is a great choice for a family holiday. Dinner in the VIP lounge is a great opportunity to show your loved ones that you care of them and that you are always ready to give them the best options.

Goodman is your advantage during the negotiations with partners. Your attitude towards business will become clear immediately after an invitation to lunch at our place. Goodman is the choice of confident people, and you are one of those.

By the way, we offer a 25% discount for companies over 8 people. Enjoy socializing with important people, juicy marbled beef steaks and gastronomic cuisine at Goodman steakhouse. Depending on the occasion, we pick up drinks from the collection of fine wines from all over the world. A special wine for a business lunch, party, or family holiday, will support a relaxed atmosphere and will contribute to lively communication.

Book a VIP lounge at Goodman. We know how much depends on the place and offer you only the best.